Towards a collaborative commons

The European Biomimicry Alliance is a trans-national network of European experts in the field of innovation driven by biomimetic approaches. Partners of the alliance are mostly certified Biomimicry specialists and other experts in the field of bionics and biomimetics all being individuals with diverse professional backgrounds. We jointly work on European biomimicry challenges and take advantage of the multi-disciplinarity and multi-level experience within the innovation alliance.


  • Biomimicry has enjoyed increasing attention worldwide and more practitioners (B3.8 certified and others) are appearing in Europe
  • Local Biomimicry networks are being set up and deal with similar challenges


  • Europe has a strong history of biomimetics; Biomimicry can add value by bringing in new viewpoints and methods
  • Translation of Biomimicry values into the European context enables and facilitates its recognition and implementation
  • Collaboration between national alliances of Biomimiry practitioners can foster the emerging process of starting organizations, getting funding/collaborating in funded projects, and developing products and services 
  • There is a growing public interest in Biomimicry which is a valuable asset and a potential for investors, collaborators, and stakeholders


Mapping experiences and local network activities will help to work on a close transnational collaboration, elaborating the following aspects:

  • Common EU context guiding and/or core values for collaboration
  • Requirements in the European and national contexts to stimulate Biomimicry
  • Knowledge, resources, contacts, best practices to be co-created and shared and/or cross-pollinate across Europe
  • Organization structure that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Collaboration with well-established entities regarding biomimetics.


We chose to designate our organisation with the term ‘collaborative commons’. ‘Commons’ stands for the shared resources we seek to create in order to improve the professional improvement of the application of Biomimicry. ‘Collaborative’ stands for the focus on creating resources together vs. just joint representation.

We envision EBA to be an ecosystem (national) of Biomimicry organizations that each represents guild of professionals.