Natural models repository project


  • Patrick Baumann
  • Claudia Kruschel
  • Kristina Wanieck
  • Theresa Millard
  • Arndt Pechstein
  • Kalina Raskin


Our vision is the creation of shared simple tools, materials, frameworks, and/or methods by which we can pool our resources & interests and collaborate.

We imagine an easily accessible, expandable and cross-linked collection of organisms with their scientific specifications, functions, context, images, diagrams, schematics and the potential for human problem solving (or linked case studies if existent) in order to create various content (tools, apps, education content) to disseminate biomimicry.

The goal is to simplify and evolve the creation of exciting, hopeful, inspirational education and innovation tools for members of the European Biomimicry Alliance network.

Define mission, vision, values

(Conduct strategic analysis)

Formulate strategy


Our mission is to create a crowdsource-enabled platform of cross-linked biological knowledge, natural phenomena, and related bio-inspired applications. The properties and functions of the organisms will be categorized in numerous ways including biome, ecosystem, context, industry applications, global problems, industries, education (cards, trails, games, and workshops), natural partners, case studies etc. This platform has to be searchable and manageable in a simple way as well as allow for easy scaling.

The first tool we will create is an app for a location-sensitive (geo-tagging) knowledge library such as a zoo or botanical garden encompassing and informing about interesting facts and features of the organism just in front of the observer. The app is aimed at triggering a closer look at and interaction with the organism of interest. Additionally the app will tell the user what one might design with this explained phenomenon. The target group of this app are primary school children and parents.


This data collection platform is an emerging knowledge base for the cross-pollination of biology and design. It will be an inherent part of the DNA of the biomimicry network.  


The strategy has two major focuses, the app and the data collection. The strategy for now focuses only on the data collection.


The objective is to have a flexible and versatile data collection platform as described in the mission statement with a major focus on user-friendliness. A skilled biomimic should be able to easily find content to create biomimicry education, innovation and coaching materials. 

Tasks (as Jan. 31, 2015)

1.     Define what kind of data collection platform to develop (spreadsheet, ontology). Note: After Claudia and Theresa talked to Julian Vincent the Ontology seems to be the right platform. He is willing to support us. One day workshop set up with Julian in Bath for Feb 23.

2.     Working ontology set up

3.     Define the features, functions of the data collection platform

4.     Define the categories of the data collection platform

5.     Define the access authorization levels of users, contributors, developers, etc.

6.     Define the interfaces to the app developers

7.     Define a small number of organisms (about 50 plants and 50 animals) to feed into the data collection platform to get a good playground to develop the platform and to get a feel of the usability.

8.     Define the project team and make an organigram.

9.     Make a project plan and set milestones.

10.  Define a revision team.

11.  Explore funding sources; contact the EU funding team (Kristina)

Improve key processes

Develop sales plan

Plan resource capacity

Prepare budgets


Record results


Hold strategy reviews

Hold operational reviews


Conduct profitability analysis

Conduct strategy analysis

Examine emerging strategies