Practitioners conference committee


  • Danielle Davelaar
  • Pernille Lethenborg
  • Jacques Chirazi
  • Alessandro Villa


European Biomimicry Alliance inspire for creating a world where environmental, societal, and economic qualities exist in balance to meet the resource needs of today and of future generations.


Define strategic objectives and themes

The practitioner conference is an annual  gathering for like-minded  biomimics, and sustainability professionals to come together to network, learn, share ideas and best practices with one another and explore/establish collaboration opportunities among regional networks.

  • Select measures and targets
  • Number of attendees
  • Number of European regional representatives
  • Number of regional network actively engage (e.g. facilitating workshop, panel discussion, hosting etc..)
  • Successful collaborative projects/initiatives
  • Select strategic initiatives
  • Lesson learned & best practices
  • Educational practices (e.g K-12 curriculum)\
  • Community engagement (outreach to broad European stakeholders – public agency, academia, entrepreneurs etc…)  


Improve key processes

  • Create a plan and timeline for development of the annual The practitioner conference
  • Develop sales plan
  • Conference cost estimates (staff support, speakers, venue, food, etc..) 
  • Plan resource capacity
  • Prepare budgets
  • The budget will vary depending on the location and length of the gathering
  • The committee should establish sub-committees for sponsorship and outreach/marketing


Record results


  • Hold strategy reviews
  • Hold operational reviews

Plan and schedule the lessons learned / debriefing activities, which include the preparation for the session, conducting the session, and documenting and disseminating the lessons learned report.

  • Event debrief - samples questions:
  • What went well and should be repeated in future events?
  • What went amiss and should be avoided in future events?
  • What would you do differently (add/modify) the next time?
  • What are your insights / personal observations that could help others?
  • What topics did we miss that should be discussed?


Conduct profitability analysis

Conduct strategy analysis

Examine emerging strategies