Website content committee


  • Patrick Baumann
  • Theresa Millard


Our vision is to reach all biomimicry interested people in Europe and keep them informed of all the important news about biomimicry in an entertaining and informative way.


Our mission is to keep the Biomimicry community up to date about

  • The state of the art of biomimetic research, exploration and emerging products
  • EBA activities and projects
  • Important activities and projects in the European Countries
  • Political activities and programs concerning environmental issues
  • News from the Global Biomimicry Network


The newsletter is a tool to reach out to EBA members and people interested in Biomimicry and to foster communication between subscribers.


The strategy is to

  • Collect news, information and stories of the EBA contributors
  • Edit content and add pictures
  • Build mailing
  • Send out a newsletter every other month


The objective is to have a team that collects information, does the editing, encourages EBA contributors to keep feeding information and sending out the newsletter on time.



  • Build a template of the newsletter to make editing easy
  • Build a template to collect news from EBA contributors
  • Collect ideas of reaching out to increase the mailing list
  • Schedule the sending out of the next newsletter
  • Find one more newsletter team member
  • Find and get access to suitable picture galleries


Record results


Hold strategy reviews

Hold operational reviews


Conduct profitability analysis

Conduct strategy analysis

Examine emerging strategies